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 A press conference was held in Mogadishu at diplomatic hotel organized by traditional leaders of sub-clan Kaboole of Jareerweyn clan. The objectives and purpose of the meeting was to remonstration and protest against how the federal parliament seats for Jareerweyne quota was administered, allocated and how the current process of Hiran & middle Shabelle state formation is handling.

In the meeting Dr Hassan Ahmed Sadik one of the prominent politician of Kaboole sub-clan briefed the meeting and the media. He said, “Kaboole is one of the major sub-clans of Jareerweyn who are the inhabitants of the territories between Jalalaqsi of Hiiraan region to Mahaday - Bal’ad of Middle Shabelle region and up to districts; Afgoie, Qoryoley and K/warey of lower Shabelle region.

He added that Kaboole has been involving in all the previous Somali reconciliation meetings in and outside of Somalia. Large number of its politician was lively active in the past several interim Somali governments. But during the Somali reconciliation meeting of Imbeghathi in Kenya and during the formation of the current federal government in 2012, Kaboole was not given its share at all the levels of the federal government. It has not been given the membership it used to have in the federal parliament.

Everyone knows that Kaboole had an active member in the parliament elected in Arte of Djibouti in 2000. Therefore, it is important to mention here that from Imbeghati up to 2012 the two seats given to Jareerweyne of middle Shabelle were dishonestly and unfairly taken by Shiidle sub-clan claiming that Shiidle is the only clan that constitutes the Jareerweyne of middle Shabelle region.

We want to raise now that again there is an ongoing conspiracy, which aims crooking the seats of Kaboole at the parliament of the regional state and at the parliament of federal government. The worst episode was, when 50% of the 11 seats allocated for Jareerweyne of middle Shabelle and Hiiran state given to Shiidle sub-clan despite that conspiracy facilitated by IGAD technical and Interior Ministry Team, who were erroneously interfering inter-clan and sub-clan issues.

Therefore, we urge and appeal the Somali Federal Government, International Community and IGAD to take an immediate intervention settling the above mentioned problem by giving equal share to all constituents of Hiiran and middle Shabelle regional state level and the bi-camera of the Federal Parliament.

We hope and look forward to your immediate action towards solving the above stated chronic problem.

Published: 2016-10-06 15:59:58

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