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On the occation of the 9th may victory of the II worldwar: no more world war. No more cold war, No more civil,  relious & ethnic war. No more regional war. No more war of Narcotics. No war of terriorism. No war of world stratigics, Oil & Gas, money for blood banks for control. Power for justification. No star war, no war for nothing. Stop war & understand. No more war at all I´ll be luckier in love from Amd. Handule-Moscow   

Press Statement

 The Government and people of the Federal Republic of Somalia warmly congratulate President elect Donald Trump on his electoral victory today. President elect Donald Trump has been elected to serve as the 45th President of the United States of America at a time of great change, challenges and opportunities both at home and across the world.

The Government and People of the Federal Republic of Somalia enjoy strong bilateral ties with the USA built on mutual respect, trust and partnership. Our Government seeks to strengthen this further through greater cooperation in all areas and matters of mutual benefit.

On this special day for President elect Trump, America has once again proven the enduring spirit and resilience of its established democracy. Our Government, once again, congratulates President elect Donald Trump, the American people and their government. The Somali Federal Government looks forward to working with President Trump’s administration.

Published: 2016-11-11 10:54:51

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